Belly Dance Choreography - Text & Combos for the Perplexed Choreographer

“Sharing moves creates a dance society of soul sisters.”

More often then not I have found that dancers get to a place within the intermediate stage of dance and they find that choreography is a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces. So I created this book for you and constructed it in a format that hopefully makes sense and peels away the outer layers of difficulty in understanding choreography. I share many combinations and cosmically inspired ideas I consider to be real gems and am confident that you will get the help you need or at least feel free to take from my ideas.
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Restaurant Dancing

Restaurant dancing to me is really an art and if it’s looked upon as just another gig or venue then the outcome can be depressing and time consuming. The bottom line is if you are making money with your dancing then you have to figure out the best way to make the most out of each job you get.

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Sharp Hips that Make a Statement

Hips can create a hullabaloo. .When I first saw belly dancing many years ago the sharp hip work was really all I remembered. I was mesmerized by not only the way the dancers controlled their hips but how isolated they were. I knew in my six year old mind that no human could move their hips like that. Only a Goddess could.

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Come Hither Soft Hips

Soft is a unique way of dancing that can bring out the sensual side of any dancer. The one thing to remember is that it can be monotonous after a period of time. If soft is not done in a way that has a combination of moves that are visually appealing then it can create the opposite affect which is the bored audience. repetitive moves create lackluster and uninteresting choreography. The key is to have enough unique softs and combine it with sharps or layering.

Look Inside Belly Dance Choreography on Amazon

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Leyla Najma

A Gypsy Past At age of 6 one Saturday morning I was watching TV eating a bowl of fruit loops. I decided that the cartoon at the time just didn’t cut it so I changed the channel and low and behold I came across belly dance on our local station. I stared mesmerized at the TV and from that day forward I knew in my soul what I was born to do. Now I was a little Catholic girl so you can imagine what my Mom said when I told her I wanted to be a belly dancer. A little pat on the head and “I don’t think so” was basically all that she said. But as the years passed I never forgot that feeling or memory of watching women doing a dance that for some odd reason I remembered. I can remember at age 16 I went to a Greek Festival and saw dancers performing and my heart just ached because I knew I should be up on stage dancing too. It wasn’t until I was 22 that I got my break and I started to belly dance. I met a wonderful dancer named Dina and my journey in this dance began. I studied for 2 years before I ever performed. I was taking classes from an internationally known dancer Sa